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Friday, March 18, 2005


I don't ever want to have to have another job for the rest of my life, and to all of you, I wish you the same fate. The very idea of slugging away, doing something you hate for just enough money to keep doing it seems pointless to me. Going every day with that feeling in your gut that you would rather be anywhere but there seems to me to be against nature.
I've had 31 jobs, give or take a couple. 31 diffirent places that I happily walked away from. 31 places that paid me to do their dirty work. Litrerally so in some of those cases. 31 seperate rules to learn, 31 seperate rules to disobey.
'Working' sucks. The money can be good, but it's dirty money. Grinding it out to make the money you need. Second-thinking your instinct because if you act as you wish to, you will be fired. Why can't I tell a customer off? Because they have money. The North American way; money is greater than the person who has it.
I think all you can ask from life is to find a passion. Mine is stand-up. Writing is looking good, too. I would (and have) done these for free. Money never becomes a factor when passion and love are invloved. To me, 'Working' is doing an activity solely for the money. A passion is doing something because you want to. Passion beats work.
So, if you happen to read this before you go to the job you hate, quit! I can't offer you any money (unless you want to be my agent), but I can tell you that you will have a nice day, and nobody will tell you what to do, what to wear, how to act or how to behave. If everybody quit their jobs, everything would be free.
Imagine the possibilites; or at the very least, send me some money so I don't have to compromise again.


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