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Friday, March 18, 2005

Dear God

Dear God,

How you doing? I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Chinatown in Calgary. I seem to feel safe around and be comforted by Chinese People. Not sure why. Feel like telling me? Thank YOU there's over a billion. I'll sleep safe tonight.
I'm not very good at prayer. Short attention span. I start chatting with you and then my mind seems to wonder. So, I've decided to write to you. Hope it's ok if some people read it, but you can continue to mire me in anonymity if you wish and these letters will be between us. Nothing urgent tonight, just a tad lonely, and it's been said that you're everyhwere, so who better to chat to and ask questions. You're all-knowing, after all.
I don't want to see unhappy people anymore. They bring me down. I just want to do my thing, see the sights, roll with your flow, but everywhere I go, they seem to be sad. Head down. Scowl on. Now, I'm not blaming you. I'm not seeking a good ol' frog smite from the heavens. Just curious. What are they looking for and why have they not found it? Don't they see that everything is right in front of them? I've tried to show them sometimes, but they call me self-righteous (how do you spell that?) and to mind my own business, then I get sad and put my head down and scowl and become one of the unhappy people. Please make the worried scowlers happy.
I'm not sure what to do with my life at the moment. Any advice? I guess you see I quit my job. I thought I saw a sign from you, but I may have been drunk. No, I was drunk, can't fool you. But still, I felt it right to do. My thinking was it would be good to do to further pursue my dreams, which it's said you supply. And it's worked, somewhat. I am a diffirent man that I was before I quit. I am a better comedian since I quit, but there's more to life, right? I'm finding feelings and heart now. I like them as much as jokes. I guess it's all in front of me. If I can ask a favor, though, please no more job-jobs.
Not much else to ask you right now. Please look after everybody I care for, and even those I don't. There's way more in column 'B', sorry to burden you with so much work. I might be lying there - you'd know. We'll leave the imaginary reader to guess - it'll be our inside joke.
Thanks for the sense of humor, I need it every once in awhile. Thanks for the ability to grow a beard. Thanks for the free flights. That's a good one. Thanks for my family, thanks for my friends, thanks for the whole sin-overlooking, and thanks for thumbs. Good move.

Please help me get booked!


ps - That goal in Game 6 was in, right?


Anonymous Friend said...

Hi Brett!

You are a very complicated, intelligent, insightful yet truthful person.

You deserve happiness in all your endevours and I know you will find it.

8:25 PM


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