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Friday, March 18, 2005

Back to the T.T.T.oronto

Think I have to be getting back to Toronto. Still, in my heart, I'd rather not, but you must do what you must do, and it seems to me I must return. I have shows to do and reposnibilities to meet and a life to live. Love Calgary as I do, I no longer live here.
It's been a good trip back. It seems I was really supposed to get back here. Things alligned quickly and unusually to get me here, and now I'm feeling that same pull 'home'. It's been good here. I got to see my family, see my friends, get my energy cleansed, get a DVD made. Things worked out. Funny things is, if I were to step on a plane right now, it would be a melancholic feeling that would fill me.
It was good here, but I still have no idea what to do with Toronto. I think I have to move out of my place. Just not too good there. It's not even bad, just, well, the fact I write about it and refer to a negative feeling should say it all. You see, much work still needs to be done before I can figure out what the hell I'm doing here. Hope God read the 'please help me get booked' line. That said, woke up to an offer to do this weekend in Kitchener, but guess who's sitting in Calgary complaining about no work! Ha!
So, to all the Calgary folk, thanks. It's been a blast. I must get home one of these days. My soul is slightly stronger from being here. Time to return to the place I'd rather not be.
But I still have a couple more days.......


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