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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Human, Being

And the sign said 'Move Your Mind'.


I'm settling very roughly into my new life, my new world and my new routine. It seems funny to me that living in the city I once called home for over a decade and having the woman with me I now call my love, that I should be having such a difficult time finding my feet - but I am. And if I have learned one thing, I have learned not to dispute that which is, and deny what is true. I read the signs to get to where I go, and the most recent signage spoke of the need for a moving of the mind - I have also learned not to fight the wisdom of the universe.

My new feet have new beliefs from old lessons. I have learned not to rely on two things: People and Computers. Both are of faulty design and unreliable at the best of times.

I am sitting a car dealership waiting for the car of the woman I love to be looked at. Seems there is a small trouble with the electrical unit. The automatic locks like to lock and unlock at a frequent pace. This is a very new happening. Something to do with a faulty computer chip. Certainly not a problem, but assuredly a bit of a nuisance. Life is a busy activity best spent in places other than Car Dealerships. But, technology fails and we must abide by it's shortcomings as we stride forward in our endeavors.

Computers crash all the time, losing thousands of hours of good old fashioned hard work - something I very much believe in. We put our trust in these machines to lubricate the pistons of life, to help more smoothly pump the engine of living forward as we stride towards our dreams. But, they fail. They fail us all the time. Cellphones don't deliver important texts. Laptops fail to save our best written piece. Car computers lock car doors for no reason far too often.

Even if a computer does save all required information, another folly is the human who operates it. Humans lack the precision of electronic instruments - something I find endearing. But, the trouble with humans is somewhere deeper and more toublesome a place - The vaults of our beliefs and the steadfast might in which we guard them.

You see, the earth was once flat. It was also the center of the Universe. There have been thousands of Gods named by man, all of whom were real enough to kill or be killed for. Clocks and calendars were designed to track the progress of an event which has no direction in either way. Countries created on land which is neither nere not there. There is no north or south, east or west, then or later.

I am not a nihilist. Very far from it. I believe in much. I believe in the sun. I see it every day. It appears and disappears, seemingly to return again when it does. I believe in water. It flows endlessly and without either permission or apology. I believe in Love. It repairs a hurting spirit and creates life where there seemingly was none before. I believe in wind. It refreshes the stale environment that wind decides needs moving. I believe in touch. It is soothing and can transplant you to a new world - simply by being felt. I believe in fun. Sheer, pointless fun. I believe in smiling and laughing and sharing. I believe in the sound of music. I believe in the rhythm and the beat. I believe in colors, textures and hues. I believe in it all - so long as we humans never claimed to have created it. We at best named that which is, always has been and forever will be. I believe doing anything other than enjoying the thrill of it all is a waste. A sad disrespect to the gift of something greater than computers and humans.

And we all walk so assured we are right. The sign says 'Move Your Mind'. Move my mind away from a place where it is littered with the debris of the untrue and the unreliable. I am trying to move it to a place of simply being. In that place, I think, I shall finally obtain my only true duty on this earth - to be A Human, Being.


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