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Monday, February 27, 2006

Please Click on the Ads and Make Me Money and Other Thoughts

Please click on the ads you see adorning my wonderful blog. I don't care if you press 'Back' after you do. I don't care if you buy whatever they are pitching. I simply ask you to click on all the ads. It's been a week since they have been up, and I have made EXACTLY three cents. Not even enough money for me to go fuck myself with. So, in the spirits of giving (to Brett) please click away and help a brother out.


It's Monday and I have yet to find an apartment to rent. We haven't really looked all that ambitiously, however. Today the search will begin in earnest, but not TOOO earnestly, I note, as I sit in the dark, dank computer room and type away on issues that matter not. I need my own car. Click on the ads.


I've been having nosebleeds alot lately. I am concerned. In fact, every day since my return to Calgary, my nose has dripped life fluid. I recall my first move to Calgary several years ago suffering from a vertigo-type illness whenever I would stand up. You see, Calgary is about a mile-high which is a much higher altitude than in most regions. My hope is that these face bleeds are nothing more than adjusting to the highness of the city. My fears tell me otherwise; That it's deaths trailor being played out through my nostril (the right one, for the record). I have checked other orafaces for signs of blood and so far, I am ok. As it stands now, it's just the middle of my face that bleeds; something to calm my fear, I need.


If you are living in the Calgary area and have Calgary Flame tickets to give to me, I will take them. Send me an e-mail and I will help you unload your burden on me.


I should be looking at homes to live now. But I am not. I am waiting for my father to return with his car. 26 years old an still at the mercy of my Dad. Maybe my nose is bleeding because the spirits of those who are strong are punching my face, telling me to toughen up and be my own man, do my own thing. Rely on no strength but my own. Maybe it's my spirit punching my nose, telling me to man up and stop being the waif that needs. Start being the man who is. Yes. A man. A man takes control of his destiny and grabs it from the hands of those he passed it to in his moments of weakness. A man attarcts people to the greater cause. A man - I am one. Listen, all of you.....If you simply click on my ads.....


Blogger denise said...


Be a man and take control of your nose. Click on your ad that boasts of a nosebleed treatment. It'll change your life man!

Nosebleed TCM Remedy
$108.14 CAD

If people continue to click on the ads at this furious pace, you should be able to buy that coveted herbal rememdy in about 79.3 years. Or you could just move to a more humid climate.


3:35 PM

Blogger Marcus C. Beaubier said...

i will never click on your ads... I will however lend you a quarter.

2:34 AM


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