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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Most I Can Write In Fifteen Minutes

Ahhh.....rolling in on good spirits in Montreal. I MC one of the clubs here tonight. It's also Jessica's birthday. Somehow she ended up cooking for me today, and somehow I didn't mind. As it stands at this very moment, I have to jet to the club for my show and I'm sitting here listening to Queens Of The Stone Age, rocking out, ready to do my job very well.

I guess I live in Montreal now. My Cat also died. So much has happened and I have had not much time to have it all sink in. So much to write, I have issues figuring out where to start.

My days now are a tad diffirent. I have my guitar back in hand and love it there. I have more of an ear for music that I thought I did. Today, while strumming and listening to the radio, some Neil Young came on and I played it. Hell yeah - things happening here. You can also catch me painting or writing waht may or may not be poetry. Comedy is happening, too, but in a diffirent way. It now literally keeps me alive and fed. It feeds me to live the rest of my life, which will soon pay into the same pile.

Castro went to Mexico City before he headed back to Cuba. I'm not sure if this is my uba, but I do suspect it to be my Mexico City. The calm before it all... This city is cool. An island. With a mountain in the middle. You understand why people settled here. Isolation. Natutral moat. View of the land. It's a good place. I like it. My French is dodgy at best, but fuck 'em. That's the way I roll....

My Cat I miss. Much. I can never see her again and I am dumbfounded by that. Nomatter what, she is a memory now. A treasured one. One that won't be forgotten. I remember years and years ago a kitten I met for two days in England. I was a child, I remembered I loved it, and I vowed I would always remember it's name. Saffron was the cat. I remember 15 or so years later. My cat was with me for 19 years. Should give you a clue how ingrained she will be on my psyche.

Now I look ahead and see a future for me. Something for me to do. Things for me to accomplish. Things I need to say, people I need to say them for. Ears who need to hear me and obstacles to overcome. It took so much work to get to this starting line but I am happy I am here. A sense of well-being has overcome. A piece of happiness has set in; Melancholic at times, but still it is. The thing that has not chnaged is my furious drive to where I am going. Feel I'm getting there. This should be fun.


Anonymous Lisa said...

You must be in the area of Montreal where Leonard Cohen lived. He has a song, "Our lady of Peace." Lucky you!

12:39 AM


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