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Saturday, October 29, 2005

The 100th Post

It's been a hundred posts after this one. Much has changed since the night I feverishly ran around Calgary late at night, seeking a internet cafe so I could add to this new writing tool I had. A spirtual treatment triggered this, and it's nice to see how it has been here everywhere I have gone, which finds me surprisingly in Montreal now, casually strolling downtown after a show in a new place, to sit and write some thangs.

Lots has happened in 100 posts, which is what this time period shall be called. fuck four score and ten years ago, it's now '100 posts and three naps ago'. I no longer call Toronto home. I no longer call anything home. As my girlfriend - another new addition - reminds me, I am sorta from nowhere. I'm just here, wherever that is.

Montreal is a diffirent city in many ways other than language. It's pace is quicker, yet smoother. It is more aggressive, but equally seductive. If Toronto is Steak and Lobtser, this place is caviar. You could smoke a pipe (of varying types) down the street here and look no more out of place than the hasidic jew. It's a good city, this place - one I call as much a home as any.

The challenges in my life are new ones now. I have passed the previous level with varying degrees of success and marks that were good enough to get my by. These tribulations will be new ones, draw more strength from me, challenge me and help to define me. If I was a golfer, I'd say I'm developing a new swing. it'll be the same swing - just more power, accuracy and grace. More money for after golf beers, too.

No more golf meteaphors. No more writing for now, either. Fuck you - I'm in Donwtown Montreal, sitting on Ste. Catherines on a Saturday night with another show to do and somebody to see after. Things are good. Much is ahead, little of which is easy. I anticipate it all with a smile, a light heart and a quiet confidence that tells me no matter what, it will be ok.

What will 200 look like? Better go make it happen.


Blogger Angela said...

Oh Brett!

Congradulations! May you have another 100 good and productive posts. Enjoy Montreal, you lucky one, you...


12:26 PM

Blogger Phantom said...

check out the news section!

1:09 AM

Blogger Marcus C. Beaubier said...

I just can't wait for 101...

11:37 AM


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