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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cranbrook / I Feel Diffirent / The Good In Everyone

I'm in Cranbrook now. A shitty little mountain town. Amazing how such natural beauty can spawn such a crappy town. It's ugly, run-down and the people are mostly retarded. It took me an hour to locate this internet terminal. The old internet cafe closed down, the new one had it's computer (yes, the ONE) stolen, and the college is closed. I had to go to the mall and ask the 'Circuit City' dudes where I could find the internet. Always rely on the electronic people to know of such places. Naturally, it was located across the street in a Wrap deli.

My ire has been stirred by these people. They really are about eight steps slower than most cats I have met. Outside the box thinking is not a trait here that couod best describe the populace. Oh, yes, there are the excpetions, and to them I owe the world, but the majority should think of moving to New Orleans. Myabe I'm just in a tiff.

The show last night was great fun. I was brilliant and named king of the mountain people by the redneck audience. I fathered eight children and built a truck. Mount Brett was renamed Mount Brett in my honor, and I healed a lepor. In other words, the shows are at adequate levels and I am content.

While I was waiting to ask for internet use at this wrap place, a Cranbrookian was struggling to choose what she wanted on her wrap. She, a slow mountain person. Me - impatient. I was getting very angry and tempted to break my vow of celebant violence when it hit me harder than I could have - the good in everyone. For all these people are as ass-backwards as can be, they still have good in them. It's not her fault she's never seen that many options in any form in her life, she just wanted to eat some food that would taste good and noursish her. Her intentions were pure while my anger was soiled by lack of thought. I relaxed but still must learn patience with these humans.

All in all, something good is happening. Septmeber 30th is a momentous day in my life. I met, who was to that point, the most influential women in my life on the 30th years ago. Last year, I moved to Toronto. When I was James Dean 50 years ago, I died in a car accident. September 30th this year will be recalled as the day I brought good-will to the people of Cranbrook, even when I all I wanted to do was hit them in the neck. September has ended and I am awake.


Blogger Robert Hawkes said...

When internet cafes are hard to come by, the library almost always has internet these days. That's where I hooked up when I was in Cranbrook earlier this year. Hope your Saturday show went well.

4:30 AM

Blogger Daryl Makk said...

If you have a laptop with wireless you can often log on outside a Staples, Future Shop or Best Buy.

As for the people in Cranbrook....yeah they are slow. They have a beautiful valley to live in and have chosen a decor that looks like "Sanford and Sons" yard for their town. Sad.

1:03 PM

Blogger Marcus C. Beaubier said...

Cranbrook is the set of "South Park" come to life. It however lacks the funny and interesting characters that make the show. Therefore it must be destroyed.

Hopefully the final battle of the apocalypse will be fought there. Maybe Satan and Jesus could join forces and just urinate on the place.

1:50 PM


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