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Monday, September 19, 2005

Another Day in Another City

It's Monday and I'm back in Calgary. Do you know how many times I have written this sentence? In the last week, I have been in Montreal, Edmonton and now Calgary. I go to Saskatchewan on the weekend. Nomadacy, if it is indeed a word, is trying yet quite the adventure.

Edmonton went really well. Not only did the shows go great, I also began to learn how to do something that to me was as foreign and difficult as I could imagine - I started to be smart with my money. Money has always found a way to burn a hole in my pocket and land itself in some cash register. I have been of the mentality that money is like a cement brick in my pocket as I swim across oceans. If I got cash, I spend it. I'm trying to change that and it's working.

Since I was a kid I was like this. Every Christmas, I would get cash from uncles, aunts and grandparents. I would quickly lament the fact that stores were closed on Christmas day. That money HAD to go! If there would have been a jewish corner store, I would have bought menoras and bagels until I was broke. The wait to Boxing Day was a tough one, and a sleep that as a kid was just as troubling as Christmas Eve. This money had to go!

It never really changed. As I got older and started working, that money found a way to get spent quickly, too. Smokes are a great way to spend money every day. Food, too. Money comes in one hand and goes out the other.

Last weekend I found myself budgeted and similarily, my quality of life unaffected by it. I always equated spending with happiness and hording with sadness. Now, I see neither facts are facts. If I want something, I'll buy it. If I want to read, I'll read. No NEED to spend randomly, but I will still buy that which I wish.

Sometimes, these entries can be filed under 'Entertaining' or 'Dull'. I know where I'm puttin this one. My mind is diffirent places and I am having a great deal of trouble getting all my senses and understandings in sync. So much new has been happening to me that it's been trying to take it all in, and not having a home of my own to sort it out in is proving a tad difficult, but worth it. I suppose this is how it's supposed to be right now. Change is a wicked force that is pointless to resist, especially when you're the one who called it on. All this thinking is pissing me off - I'm going to go sit in the sun with my cat.


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