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Friday, September 09, 2005

This is what I wrote listening to Queens of the Stone Age 'Songs For the Deaf'

I am at my home for the moment - a condo on Ste. Catherines in dowtown Montreal. Weird to be without a home, but it's only strange when I think of it, which isn't as often as you'd think. Figure I'm going to land somewhere. All roads are open and I can go as I please. Blah, blah, blah - no heart yet, eh?

Can't help but think of the irony of being displaced at the same time as New Orleaners. I feel like I'm one of them in away. I even recently got some free cash from bank people, too. They want it back, I'm sure, but....

I've been rerading alot about what's happening down there and it's pretty sick. Not sick in what the Hurricane did - that's how it goes, fellow earthlings - but in the reaction of people. It has never been more obvious that government in ANY capacity serves nothing other than itself. Perhaps this will be the first step towards dismantling the modern day concept of government.

If you don't understand it, please let me make it clear - They do not want us. We are in the way of them making more money. We aren't even worth a vote anymore, they can fabricate those. It is more important to the American government to develop Oil fields in the middle east than to save it's own people from certain death. Those of you who believed in the sanctity of the political system can't help but to now see it as it is. Self-serving businessmen who's chief and prime reasons of being is to hoard and pillage from all. They are the pirates, my friends. The criminals are not just running the banks, the criminals are printing the money.

Untold amounts of people died for no other reason than because nobody cared to save them. Yes, there were people who were willing. The people who have real heart and real minds, the people who see that life is a gift, not an entity you can buy or steal. But they don't hold the reins of power for some reason. The ones who do didn't care. Condoleeza Rice was shoe-shopping in New York three days after the storm ended. When your cousin was drowning, George Bush was sleeping.

If, at your job, the roof started to leak just before you were to go home, and you left rather than mopping up, you would get in trouble from your boss. That the same standards are not applied to supposed 'leaders' is sickening, and I blame everybody.

What's worse is the finger pointing for political gain. Yes, in politics, this is an opportunity to sound like a leader of men. Good time to get your picture taken with a black kid. Hell, even in Canada, our leader Martin I did a press conference in Nova Scotia declaring his allegiance to blah, blah, blah, vote for me.

Yes, somebody is to blame for this. Not Mother Nature. Storms happen. Doesn't help to build cities under sea-level beside the sea, either (listening, Amsterdam?). It is a much broader problem.

This is everybody's fault. Your fault. My fault. EVERYBODY"S FAULT. We have allowed this happen right under our eyes. We never yelled loud enough when an election was stolen. We never stopped and said 'What?' when we were told that there are terrorists running around trying to blow us up. The greatest source of fanatsy is not Hollywood or Winnipeg, it's the belief that compliance is the way. Observe no law that is isn't yours. Make no mistake - it's us against them, and they don't care how many die.

Now, here's your question, reader. Are we gonna die in the next one, or are we going to change it? The answer is yours to give.

Yup, pretty heady stuff today. I'm constipated with good ideas in my head. I'm not allowed to talk about the Hurricane onstage here. Being censored and I don't feel to good about it. I am in a moral dilemna about it. I'm also censoring myself as a result. Been thinking too much about too much.

Not tonight. No way in hell. I got a microphone tonight and I intend to use it.


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