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Monday, August 29, 2005

I Blog, Therefore I am

Seems I struck a chord with people and advertisers with my last post. Ripping off Shakespeare seems to get attention for some reason. And, since there is no such things as bad publicity, I thought I'd hack from another well-known thinker for this one and see what I get. Anyways, much to say, and this intro paragraph is covering none of the bases.

Had an interesting conversation with a friend tonight. The question was what would the school teachers and bosses from the past think of our comedy shows. At first, I started laughing. My past is full of be-wildered old employers and frustrated science teachers whom watched in half-awe as I cruised seemingly aimlessly through their space on their watch. My only goal was to do enough to not get fired or fail, and if I did, big deal - I simply didn't care. These people would watch me onstage and laugh now, I believe. Alot would make sense to them and perhaps help them to understand why I was always absent mentally or physically.

Then I started thinking about the rare exceptions. The school teacher who saw the real me and challenged me to be better and the boss who knew I existed outside the realm of cheap labor and thought? How would they react? What would perenially patient Mr. Dolan think? What would Darryl, the psychic McDonalds manager see? Food for fodder.

I have come to conclude that they would expect more. I am in many ways in stand-up the same I was anywhere else. Without a care. These two mentors-of-sorts never allowed me to get away with what I did because they knew I could do more. I at the time didn't know and wouldn't have cared to have heard, either. "Good enough is good enough for me"

Well, now I am starting to care a bit. I remember in Journalism class being critiqued not for my writing, but for my thinking. I remember being chastised at McDonalds not for freezing the drive-thru in winter, but for being frozen in the face of real life. I have let both skills slide considerably since their tutalege ended.

I have been blessed in my life to have many people stop me, look me in the eye and ask me what I was doing. Many people who pulled me aside and asked where the real me was and when I was intending on being him. When would I allow my potential to by my present. Perhaps now is the time to put into motion that aspect of me. To use my mind as I can and not to prattle on about ugly children, drinking and fisting the monarchy - although I am proud of that one, as I think they would be, too. To use my mind and not to rely on drinking and other activities that lead to ugly children; Then maybe, just maybe, with work and discipline, I can metaphorically fist all 'royalty' along the way.

I guess it comes down to I want to be proud of something more and begin to let the thinkier parts of me take the reins for a bit, and let the drunken fool have his rest.


I was thinking of ways to tie this in to last idea, but couldn't, so here it is. I love Hurricanes. LOVE THEM!! Destruction!! Not by man!! I love it when mother nature boots us in the ass. Yes - I'll be proper for a moment. It's sad that all these people will lose their homes and liveli.....ah.... who cares! DESTRUCTION! Go Earth! It's guilt-free entertainment. One day, I hope to see on first hand. I can see cocky me strutting into my hotel with CD's and a big grin, and ten minutes after the wind kicks in, crying like a baby in the fetal position wondering why I chose to max my credit card on this. How awesome would that be?

Bring it on, Spammers.


Blogger Cory said...

Hey Brett -

go to settings; go to comments; and then click yes for "word verification" -

blog spammers don't/can't verify the millions of messages they send...thus ending the spamful
comment box.


Cory Mack

5:52 PM

Blogger jj said...

Brett, this is Jill and while I think it is nice you want to achieve there are other options. Failure is one, chronic loserdom is another, getting your head duck taped to a porta potty yet another. Drunkness can make fools and sinners of us all, but what the hell it is still a lot of fun. The best life in the world belongs to my dog, Spot, who likes to eat horse shit. Just do what it takes to stay above the fray.


2:21 AM


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