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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

AM Thinking, FN Computers

Son of a bitch. I just wrote a fucking thesis on depression and the computer miscomputed. It's the second major entry on the subject that I've tried to post on here in the last couple of days that has, for some unknown reason, failed to make it online. The Universe must be telling me to shut the fuck up and move on.

Anyways, to coles-note it, I was in MAJOR funk, had a cry, got out of it. Much more emotionally invloved that that, but that's the gist. Moving on....

I'm going to Michigan this weekend. I have never been and am excited. I have no idea what to expect from it. I'm doing a show and am happy to meet, a little ahead of schedule, the populous that I shall rag the hell out of for years to come. Bring it on, America, I'm coming for YOU! I picture myself as Uncle Sam as I write that.

No shows here to speak of in the short-term. Just stuff to get done. Baby steps to take to keep the feet moving. I used to do thse things out of a perverse sense of fear that if I didn't, chaos would reign and I would probably die. Now, I just want to. I just want to keep going forward.

The Taber school killer just escaped from his parole house two blocks away from my house. Yes, somewhere lose on the streets of my fair city lurks a mad killer with a fine eye for corn. Maybe I'll pass on my Flames hat for the next day or two. I don't want to remind him of Alberta - I'm sure he's a little sensitive on the topic.

I'd write more, but damn if I'm not a little peeved about those two posts. They probably would have garnered me a Peabody or something, but everything happens for a reason, and that likely to notify that as well and dandy as it to talk and write about getting over depression, no action serves to better one's mind that to act.


Blogger denise said...

Please give my friend in Michigan a hug and have a wonderful time.


2:54 PM

Blogger Robert Hawkes said...

It's not profound, but if you compose in Word or Wordperfect and then copy and paste into blogger then if it doesn't work for some reason you'll still have the text in your word processing program. And say hi to Daniel for me as well.

12:25 AM


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