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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Titles are Useless

It's Sunday and I slept most of it. My sleep pattern has gone into over-strange. I sleep when I wish to and don't if I don't. It has led me to some long nights, short days and more than one all-nighter.

Kingston was good, although it's a struggle to say just how. It was unconventional in every possible manner yet still it worked. I gave myself an encore and broke the fourth wall with the MC - and I still feel like digging deeper. Something is brewing.

I'm going to Michigan next week. I'm doing a show in Port Huron, which if you look on a map, is located right near the place where your dreams come true. I'm excited to get my shot at America. I figure the day will come in the not so distant future where America will be my primary market place, so I best be meeting the folks now.

This writing is forced, I'll tell you. I have no clear idea of anything at this point. I find myself acting on the purest level of instinct that I have and every other frivolous word, action and thought seems thrown aside. As I said, something is brewing, and a calmness has descended upon me.

I have nothing else to say.


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