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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday Is Nice

There's this buzzing in this city that I always here. An electrical, hig-pitch moan that gets on my friggin' nerves, while my fucking nerves remain untouched by it. It's everywhere I go, and it's not in my head - I've had the sound confirmed by other ears. buzzzzzz. hmmmmmmmm. It must be the sound of an enormous city sucking dry the veins of power that run rampant throughout the city. Where it's heart is, I don't know, but it must be strained. buzzzzzzzzzzzz


I MC'd last night. Dug it. Totally diffirent way of being funny. You don't get to tell jokes so much as you just talk to them, and throw in a joke wherever it permits. I like it. You don't even have top be friendly, I learned. I was quite mean, but funny. The job is to make sure they are ready to see the comics on the show, and in between, you make 'em laugh. I might like this position.


Watched Jerry Maguire today. Great movie. Always find a new perspective in that movie everytime I watch it, which must be near ten times now.
This time, I saw the story of an athlete who found that the source of great performances comes from the heart, not the need to fill a wallet. If you watch it carefully, it's also a story of redemption, belief in self, the cost and profit of risk, a love story and a persons' complete deconstrcution from super agent to fulfilled man. Good story. Everything Cameron Crowe makes is layer after layer of great story telling. Elizabethtown next.


The NHL draft was today. I can recall having sleep-overs as a kid on draft night eve and excitedly watch the draft in the morning, eager to see who the next super-hero for your home town team will be. I recall mising one. I was running in the Manitoba Marathon. After the race, we headed over to my Grandma's house and sat around and enjoyed a family day. I was furious that the race I'd trained for for MONTHS forced me to miss the draft. A radio was my only source to hear that the Winnipeg Jets selected some Finnish player named Teemu Selanne as their first pick. I read what I could of him, and studied him as I have all picks before and since, and it only further amplified enjoyment of his record-breaking rookie season that took Winnipeg by storm. This year, the Flames selected some under-the-radar defencemen named Matt Pelech. I still have ot read up, but he seems a surprise of a pick who as not expected to go anywhere in the first two rounds Who knows? Maybe years from now as Matt Pelech hoist the Stanley Cup, I can recall the day the ball started rolling - a day where an electrical buzz drove me up the fucking wall.


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