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Friday, July 15, 2005

Piece of Peace

A good night indeed. Didn't start that way. The sun took from me what little energy to care and consciousness of my existence I initially had to begin with. I went from waking up to napping on the couch. Not my best performance. I was not in the mood or apparant place that is required to be able to deliver comedy without it being laced with hate and anger.

Things turned. Something freeing about hitting the highway. Tough to be mad when home is at your back and you could care less when you return. I got caught up with my contemporaries, both good folks. The club has a green room, which is heavenly. Newspaper, fruit - yuck, popcorn and a door. All nice assets.

Once I hit the show, I just took off. Ran out from under my feet. Although it was material, it felt like free-flow. I figure that place may be an asset to me.

Nice break down. First third for them, middle solely for me, last third, we share. Gotta work on making sure the 'for me' part doesn't get tooooo self-indulgent, because, well, I can do that sometimes. Damn my charm to win 'em back. I ended by fisting the queen, and they were happy I did. I like the fact that my life is the kind of life in which that sentence makes complete sense. Cool.

Throughout it all, the whole night, a nice feeling descended upon me. I walk the streets now of Toronto and don't feel as if a stranger walks among them, not so much because I'm getting to know the city, but because I'm getting to know myself, and much like Toronto, I can be difficult, tempermental and a bit of an asshole, but I'm finally starting to understand how it works.


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