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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday Wednesday

What a weird one so far. It's only noon and I've been up for three hours. Tunrs out I like the day. May see it a little more often. I was up to go for a meeting with a photogtapher for headshots. I got there ontime - 11:00am. It was this studio apartment that the guy lived in, and as I entered, he was in his office on the phone, and I could not get his attention as he had his back to me. I stood there for twnety minutes, every so often walking by his oiffice, saying "Hey, Richard, I'm here". Nothing. I heard him complain on the phone that his eleven-o-clock didn't make it, and I got angry. I was right fucking there! I got really antsy, then started laughing. It was so ridiculous. I contemplated making some loud noises, but that would freak him out. I was never buzzed up, the landlord snuck me in. He had no idea I was there at all. I started to count to 10 - he never heard, and I left. 5 minutes late he calls to ask where I was. I never answered. I enjoyed a morning walk and a morning laugh, both rare in my experiences.

It made me think of something. My strange power of invisibility I've nurtured. For a big man, I can sneek very quietly around. Perhaps I missed my calling of breaking and entering. I love to have a quiet and understaed presence. It serves to double the effect of the other power I've learned - to fill a room. It serves doubly effective when compared to my ability to disappear.

On another note, I watched 'War Of The Worlds' last night. Didn't really like it. Too dark, and I love dark. It lacked story, and, well, more story. See it, you'll understand - I'm tired of having to explain EVERYTHING. It's no Magnolia and Tom Cruise is on probation. That said, the scenes with the blood spray was creepy. Just creepy.

Other than that, I may move houses today. I do hate my place and a move today would fix that. But, in typical me, I won't know until I do, which isn't yet. Baby steps...


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