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Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's Hot And Other Thoughts

Ugh. More hotness here. I am moist, and that is gross. Not furiously sweating, just a tinge of wet that borders my entire frame. I am not alone......Some karma happened today. Pretty nice. My horoscope actually called it, which was weird. Some old debts were re-paid withot my taking any action. I just smiled. Karma on a hot Saturday is like a cold drink of water......I have a show tonight. Guest spot at the club. It's also a friends last night here, ending 10 weeks of good company. Should be a little emotional and alot blurry......Watched some Football last night. Pretty fun. Nice to wacth that. I don't so much like TV, unless Football or Hockey is on. Yes, as it turns out after all these years, I'm still something of a jock......Think that's all. Show days are quiet now, and I am now a little more moist in this un-air conditioned room. Yuck, I'm outta here - Stay cool and dry.


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