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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Some, and maybe the, Truth

I am tired of not doing longer sets. I am tired of my contemporaries. I am tired of being day-to-day with the money. I want to do more. I want to think less. I need a muse. I need some help, maybe even to just point out what is wrong.

I need more time on these fuckign computers. I need less people talking in the background. I need to thank people for reading nay of this.

I need to tell funnier jokes. I need have something more to say. I want to be great.

I respect what John Lennon, Neil Young and Bob Dylan are all about. I want to be that able to communicate myself. I also want spell check back for this blog of mine.

I don't think brief sentences make a great novel, or even a stellar read.

I can feel things happening, but Lord if I know what they are.....

I'm happy to express.


Anonymous Grace said...

I hear a lot of desire for change in your words. Don't worry, Brett, it will happen, your life will begin to look more like you want it to.

4:23 PM


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