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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Quick, quick, quick

Not alot of time. I'm sitting in downtown Toronto at a coffee shop on my friends computer as he goes Lord knows where. Maybe I have a free laptop now.

Things are ok. I am a little frustrated right now. I am at a amall gap between getting money, and as we all know, money buys things that us people need to live. Oh, I will survive, but I yearn to thrive, and I see that I must take my work to a whole new level now.

I have a TV show idea in my head. Have for awhile now. Maybe I should pitch it to networks here, I'm thinking. Why not me? Who else to bring in the new wave of comedy on the tube? I like my idea. I only need to convince people with money and a tv channel to let me make it and let the world decide it's true level of quality. All I know is fuck jobs. I may very well need to get one - this retiremtn of mune may be short lived - but why was I born? Not to do the normal. Not to do what' s been done. I want to stretch the limits of myself to somewhere I've yet to go, and if it happens that some mass of people come along, all the much more better.

So, I must go now. Peter is back,. The smoke is over, and you may all read this and know where I am, physically and mentally, at home in Toronto, on the cusp of something new and possibly exciting.

All my love.


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The deadline is June 10. Go for it.

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