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Friday, April 08, 2005

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Something of a blase day today. I have not much to do and even less money in which to do it with. It's a beautiful day, though, and I find myself unable to complain about my situation at the moment, especially when I look ahead to my day tomorrow.
I am going to my first Blue Jays game as a Torontonian. I have been to two previous baseball games, both many years ago - in Oakland as well as Toronto. This will be diffirent, however. I now live here. This is my team. My local representation. I plan to go to as many ballgames as I can get to this season. I see it as a very civil way to spend an afternoon. Sitting amongst thousands of other relaxed people, taking in the most relaxed of games, watching a Blue Jays' team that my senses tell me may be a bit of a surprsie squad. I love to bond with my local sports team, and I look forward to meeting my new mates tomorrow afternoon.
I bonded well with my beloved Calgary Flames last year. I watched that team grow from a a group unsure of it's abilites to maure into a team that rightly won The Stanley Cup. You begin to identify with the characters on the team. You mourn the departure of traded members and celebrate with them in the arrival of the new, much needed figure, that crucial piece to the puzzle that was missing, that last push to get them over the top. And I can do it all for something stupid like $5 a game. Almost beats having friends.
So, Go Jays Go. I look forward to growing with Vernon Wells, Roy Halliday and Alex Rios as the year goes on.


Blogger Marcus C. Beaubier said...

the jays suck... come to the dark side...
Joe Torre needs your love and support...

5:49 AM


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