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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Check one off the to-do list. As of yesterday, Josh Homme of the Queens of the Stone Age has a copy of my stand-up comedy. I've met people I've respected and looked up to before, but this was diffirent. His music has inspired me to rock out to my full potential. A new-school Kurt Cobain, if you would. Heavy, angry, pissy rock music that makes you feel great. It's pure genius when you really think about it.
He was doing a radio show in Toronto, so I decided to check it out. I was already upset I couldn't make the show they were doing, but so be it, you do what you can. So, at the end, when everybody ran to get things like autographs and pictures from him, I hopped up onstage, went to him and gave him something. I gave him my demo tape. I listen to Queens of the Stone age border-line religiouly before shows, it really puts me in a good place, so I felt compelled to pay him back. I shook his hand, told him I really enjoyed his music, and thought he might enjoy my tape. I do think he might, too. I ended it by giving him the rock-and-roll symbol, and left feeling pretty damn good about things. I happened to see him leave into the car, and he still had it in-hand, which makes me laugh. Who knows - maybe next time I'm rocking out to their music, trying to create, he and the band will be breaking from jamming to have a laugh at my jokes. Or I have given a new coaster to the tour bus. The important thing is I did it.
Someone I never met, but respected as well, I will now never meet. Mitch Hedberg has (apparantly) died. It's unconfirmed internet chatter, but the word is out, and a reputable website is confirming it. The fact that it's up in the air as a possible April Fools' joke speaks volumes about his sense of humor and thus my enjoyment of it. He was just damn funny. I remember watching him on the Mike Bullard show one night and laughing out loud, which is rare for me when it comes to stand-up, especially on TV, especially on Bullard. But, God, was (is?) he good.
Have a good day, y'all.


Blogger denise said...

Wow Brett, you were fearless, regardless of your adoration of this band. You are Brett Martin, from TO, or Calgary, or Winnipeg, and you made your voice heard to your idols. Good on you. I admire and respect your balls.


6:30 AM


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