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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Day Won

So, on my first day back, all is ok. I have done all the 'house' things. Laudry is done, house was cleaned, bedroom cleaned and groceries were bought. I was the perfect mormon housewife. It feels good to get all the home things finished sometimes. To have an order and cleanliness to things, all perfectly placed and allighned so you can ruin it as the week goes is an odd habit of man. It was suggested than Insanity is nothing more than doing the same thing over and getting the same result. Well, cleaning is insane, as is eating and sleeping. And blinking. Everyone is crazy.
Tonight was the first night all of us shared the house at once. Not surprisingly, I didnt too much enjoy it, but I am feeling more of the team. Ironically, I am mulling putting a trade request in. This team is rife (is that a word) with selfishness. Nobody beleievs in their teammates in this locker room. I was to be the free agent that would come in and bring this team together, but I have not panned out that way. My style of play is more "Just get it done", whereas I've walked into a locker-room chemistry of "Me first. You will take away my ice-time". Well, I have my agent on the look. But I am a team player, and I will give my best here until a team is found for me, or until things settle, and I feel this team has a shot at a post-season birth. I just gotta give %110 and keep my head up. I do miss hockey.
Now it is night. I am amongst my Asian brethren, plotting the over-throw of whitey, writing my heart away. Things are ok in Toronto now. A good nights' sleep awaits in my clean bedroom. Time to go mess it up - again, unless I stop the cycle and don't.


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