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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

For Gods sake!

Turns out the next lesson is 'Don't assume it's easy to get on an airplane'.
Holy Fuck, I can't leave this city. The minute I press 'publish' on my last post, which to me was my 'see-ya' to here, I get a call. I can't leave Calgary until Sunday - if I'm lucky.
Let me explain something. I fly stand-by with Westjet. If there's a seat, I get it. Pretty simple and a nice treat to have. This can become complicated, however, by certain facotrs like 'Spring Break' and 'Competetitors going Bankrupt'. Sadly, these both are realities in the days since my arrival here, and there isn't a seat to be had. Pardon my language, but fuck x 3! You know what, swears don't do it now. Where's my damn stick I was yapping about? I want to hit something.
This makes no sense. It sucks further because I am booked to be in Windsor this weekend. Good weekend of comedy. With a buddy. Make some money. Now, no anything. Still here. I thought I was done here! What more am I to do? I really just want to get my life back on track, and do it in Toronto.
Anyways, who knows what happens when I press 'publish' this time? I'll be back to complain in a bit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We do also fly to Windsor you know....

6:47 PM


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