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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Musuems and Art Galleries

I went to an Art Gallery and Museum this week for the first time in my life voluntarily. As a young schooler, I was forced into such actions, and they were met with the proper amount of resistance. Now, as an acult, I ventured into these buildings without fear, prejudice or malice. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and the fact that admission was free these nights didn't hurt the cause.
First, I checked out the Art Gallery. I was drawn to this building anyhow. It sorta floats in the sky. It is 'balanced' on four pencils and is white with black patches - which reminded me of my cat - and had purple light high-lighting it. Quite the scene. From afar, I realized it wasn't a bank, but I had to see what it was. As it turned out, it was the Art School and Gallery. And that night happened to be free admission, so I was in.
I walked around and saw what there was to see. The Art Gallery is art in every way possible. No one way to check it out, just wonder about and see what you see. I like that. I saw some abstract things that I didn't like, some statues that I didn't understand, and some people I didn't much care for, but there was much I did like. Some paintings that drew you in from accross the room. What a sight that is. I saw a painting of a highway and a sky. Realized I love that. Paintings of fires and King Henry VIII really caught my eye, as did anything biblical. It was all very nice. I felt enlightened, yet distracted by the startling amount of beautiful women there. My God, who thought they'd be in Art Galleries? Is High Art where the women actually are? I'd have though smokey comedy clubs. Anyways, it was a good experience, and I will return.
I checked out the Royal Ontario Musuem last night. Free Musuem Fridays. Sadly, word had gotten out and the place was full of humans with their baby humans. People have a way getting in the way of a good time. That said, there were some cool things. I saw a mummy. A real dead person from thousands of years ago. I wonder if he thought that's where his body would be in 2005 AD? There were stuffed Pandas and Lions and other interesting things, which has now supplied me with enough knowledge that should Jack Hannah walk in at any point, I can have aclue what he's talkign about. Too much boring things, though. I'm not sure what I was ecpecting - the Louvre, I guess, but it seemed a little stupid at times. 'This is a fake bat. A real one may look like this". Don't even bother. Show me something real, something that is, not might be. I'd have way rather looked at one of those bitchy families locked in a cage, with a placard out front that read, "Real, live, modern family who didn't take into account that everybody and their fucking dog would come down to free museum night and has thus broken down and decided to donate themselves to the musuem and pose as to what they may look like if they hadn't come down here tonight"
There was more to both, and I enjoyed them tremendously. They also really helped me fro comedy. I had important shows after both engagements and I found it help put comedy perfectly into perspective. I will return every Friday and Wednesday for my evenings of free culture. I must now find nights of free pizza and days of free public tranist, and then a mobile, full and scholared man I shall be.


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