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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dead Pope

So, the Pope has died. Big news on the World stage. The very public face of the Catholic Church is now stiff with rigormortis, and a billion people are in limbo waiting for their new leader. Good times in Camp Religion.
I was impressed by this Pope, though. As is always the case, I have learned more about him in death than I did in life. I was unaware he hosted forums where all heads of the major religions came together and talked. Good move. He was friends with some jews. Good move. Now, there were the steps back, too, such as the blind-eye turned to child-diddling and not allowing women to progress within the Church. There is much more I heartliy disagree with, but this is not the time nor place. I will wait until Mass.
What excites me is the New Pope. What will New Pope do? How long will he have that New Pope smell to him before the world starts questioning his Pope-ness? I hope New Pope picks a good name. Pope Larry won't cut it. It's 2005 - time for the Catholics to step it up. Something new and fresh. Pope Elvis might do. Pope Master Flash. Pope Fuck'em all. Whatever it is he is given, I suggest he needs a 'V' at the end. Sounds authorative and will give him good credibility with the youth. Pope Larry V might actually work, come to think of it. Larry Five to the rescue of all the 't' people.
Will New Pope have the respect of the world, or did that die with Karol from Poland? I hope it might have. No need for divisive religious thinking anymore. We're past that. That was yesterdays news. One people. One Earth. One last Pope.
Pope Larry The Fifth, pleasure to meet you.


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