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Monday, May 09, 2005

May Ninth

It's May Ninth. Isn't that exciting? No. Only if it's your birthday.
I'm having a fair day so far here. It's beautiful here. Sunny and warm and full of life in the streets. It's so fine a day, I won't even take my habitual swipe at Toronto. Yet.
I start my Comedy Show tonight at local Irish Bar Fionn McCools. Something about me with Irish bars and comedy. Maybe the Comedy part is an irrelevant part to that sentence. Probably the Irish part, too. Either way, I'm a little hyped. It might suck immeasurably. It might be my single most potent failure to date. It might also be the best thing that ever happened in my life. Well, likely not. Funny how the extreme worst seems more true and probable. Anyways, as I've learned many times before, it will likely lay somewhere in between the two and make for a decent human experience.
I returned to my former site of employment last night. Hadn't been there since I was fired/quit. It's under review and we're still going over the tapes to see just what happened. It was a moment that I figured would effect me, but really did have none, except to note that it was nothing. I truthfully didn't care to see the people, felt no feeling of a homecoming. I felt detached and happy in my own shoes, shoes that could step in any old haunt and know that while the faces may not have changed, I have, and I have become myself and.....what? I still get free pop! Oh, Kristin, I'm so happy to be back? How are you? Does Lindsay still work here? How is Frank!
Yup, the new shoes fit. May 9th - The Best Day in the History of the Universe.


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