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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Post

Toronto was hot today for the first time. Humid and sticky to boot. I forgot how I didn't enjoy the sensation of sweating while doing nothing. I anticipate a beautiful summer that I will complain about quite often. Toronto is better.
I actually like the city a tad more now. I see more sides of it's personality. More people are running amok and getting in my way. There is some green, and the concrete has a really nice shade of grey. Peoples' unfriendliness has a much calmer demanor about it. The people's hate is warming up, too.
Things for me are up. I am starting to apply what I have been learning and things are going better. I feel like I'm moving forward now, and fuck me if I have any idea where I'm headed. Clearly, I have forgotten my bad words lesson, but aside from that, things are looking good and I am I exctied to be where I am.
I have a friend in the neighbourhood now. A fellow comedian-squatter from home has moved here and it's good to have another piece of my old life here. Makes me realize how much I've grown.
It's also made me realize how quiet I became here. I simply stopped talking to people since I moved here. In fact, every time things change, I stop talking. I was like this as a kid when my family moved, too. Shy might also be the word. Everything became internalized and I forgot human interaction.
I was not of the mind that I wanted to talk to anybody. I just wanted to do my thing. But, it feels really good to talk again, and I'm thinking I might not ever shut-up again.
Excpet for now, where I will sign off. Back rather soon....


Blogger denise said...

My Dear Brett,

Don't forget who loves and supports you.......ever. The message may come in mysterious ways.



5:16 AM

Blogger Robert Hawkes said...

Hey Denise, I thought you loved Daniel? This is getting confusing...

12:00 AM

Blogger denise said...

Rob, I have much love to give and this one has a double meaning - Brett knows.


4:46 AM


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