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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Short and Sweet(ish)

New York City. I'm in it now. Pretty damn cool. Grammar bad.
It's a helluva city. Action everywhere. I've seen many of the sites so far. Strawberry Fields, The Dakota, Times Square, Kathleen Turner and Ground Zero, which was the oddest. Strange to stare at a giant void and imagine not only what was there at one point, but also what happened there. The lack of towering buildings speaks volumes of what was taken away.
Did some comedy. Not so epic, though. These rooms were 'B' rooms at best, and the comedy itself was far less than stellar. Comics in Canada trulty are second to none. I fared average. Ended up chatting mostly, as in two shows I 'performed' in front of roughly 20 people. Big Apple baby! I went tonight to a better venue, The Laugh Factory, and that seems more my level. I'll try to get on tomorrow - no breath holding, though. All said, I realize I am bit better at this than I thought.
Other than that, I'm, enjoying it here. I really needed a vacation, too, what with my hectic shcedule of doing nothing of late. All said, I like New York, it's my kind of town, and it's making me appreciate Toronto even more. Talk soon, y'all, whoever y'all are.


Blogger Mike Craigdallie said...

New york would love "fist fuck the queen"....bring it back from the dead.... if anything....yankees hate the queen more than you do.....yet they haven't coined that song could be the next Garth Brooks to them .... good to see you are travels

11:46 PM


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