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Sunday, May 01, 2005


I like to think of myself as rather spontaneous. It always turns out to be fun and well worth the adventure, and that's why I'm glad I had last Friday night.
It was an offf-night for me, and I was invited to go to Walkerton, home of mexi-water, to hang out and watch my two friends do a gig for 100 women. Touch choice, but I made the decision to go, then on the road I was to somewhere new.
It was an 8:30 gig and it looked like the car wasn't going to be in the parking lot anywhere near showtime. Of course, we sped. It's always good to speed when you're late. We arrived to see two worried women standing at the Legion entrance, crossing their fingers that this car was the comedy car. It was, they cheered, and they, minus me, enetered and apologized. It was brought up that since the show was late, perhaps as an olive branch, I could go on and enetertain. It was accpeted.
It was a 'F' word-free show, though. Can't remember the last time I had a show when I couldn't say the ol' 'F' bomb. I did it, though, it went well and felt great. I was in also in track pants and a badly unironed shirt. Felt great, went well. The guys kicked ass, too, and we left the gig feeling energized.
A night capper was held at the local tavern back in Toronto, and all were happy. We even met another comic at the bar. It was a happy night until a fight almost erupted. For some reason, I was ready. I even took my glasses off. Nothing happened, luckily, and I went home feeling great about the night that I had, for no other reason than becuase I decided to do something spontaneously. Good things can come from anywhere.


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