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Thursday, June 02, 2005

26 Saturday

Perhaps a tad premature, but I may have made it to 26 without dying first. A big thing for me - I had me pegged to go early. Granted, it's still Thursday, and June 4th is a long way away, still.

Things are good here as I wrap up 25. Just did a big show at Fionn MacCools last night. Actually packed and felt like a club show. After than, we headed down to Spirits for the 9th anniversary party and I enjoyed myself. I'm starting to be more comfortable here and finding peace in my desire to be quiet.

My house should be exciting this weekend. One of of housemates birthday is on Sunday, so we're going to have a Barbeque and invite some friends in the area. Should be fun. Never had something like this before. Lots of new people to meet and lots of food to eat. I will be more stately, too, in my new found old age - should I survive until Sunday.

So, all good here. Summer is here now, it is hot, and I am driven. Still no riches, but the now is good and the then will be great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you enter the world of "26" and I leave...I will tell you some news.You are now on the downside of the hill to 30!! hahaha.
Happy Birthday Brett! I'll drink a beer on Saturday and Cheers you!

1:21 PM

Anonymous Grace said...

Happy Birthday Brett.

2:15 AM


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