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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Who Wants To Fight?

Arrghhhh.....I'm feeling something. Waves of energy flowing through me. Must be visible, people are diffirent now. My eyes even feel more intense. I can't see into them, but they feel alive. I sense I am staring holes through people now. Good. Now maybe they can see, no, FEEL what I'm talking about.

My step has purpose. My anger, focus. Seems almost healthy. I like what is happening. I am attaining another level. This Toronto experience is not like the others to date, but I don't hold my breathe. I breathe in, then out.

I will no longer hold myself back. Just can't. Sorry to those I will anger. Opinions are to be said, loud and proud, not kept quietly in a vault of self punishment. Say it, fuckers - you'll free yourself.

Time will tell, though. I've been here berore. Feeling good, the bottom falls out, I know, I know. But this time feels diffirent. I just finished Neil Youngs' Biography. One of the best reads I've had. An inspiring portrait of a man who went is own way and never looked back. People criticized, people got angry, but nobody stopped him. There was a very interesting chapter about Youngs' thoughts on Kurt Cobain, another legendary figure in my psyche. He basically said that Kurt never realized you can re-load. The tank ran out, but there was more fuel. If I can add something, maybe Cobain never knew that when you're in you late 40's, you can write "Rockin' In The Free World", that piss and vinegar turn to another substance, and you keep rolling with it. A hero for sure, but there's another tank - I know - I found it.


Blogger Daryl Makk said...

ok I'll fight ya but you have to take the first are too damn good of a friend for me to just smack you for no reason!
nice blog entry, you have tapped an with it!! Mold it, make it yours!

4:45 PM


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