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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Every Thornley Has A Rose

One of my favorite bands going is Oasis. Just awesome. I guess I'm an ok writer, and I have purposely chosen to use the word awesome. Just awesome. I like them that much. The kind of musiic that hits me somewhere that alot of other things just sorta glaze over. Real music for the soul. I have always wanted to see them live, and just the other day, while at a show, a friend and I were given free tickets to a 'Secret' Molson Canadian Rocks party. Commercials everywhere here have been promoting the fact that Oasis is coming here, and they are doing a Molson Candian Rocks event. I was shaking with excitement as I walked up. 'My God, I might see Oasis for free tonight'. What a feeling.

We get in, and are given free drink tickets. 'My God, I might see Oasis and get drunk tonight for free'. What a thought! There was a buzz and rumors flying everywhere about who it might be. One even floated that it might be the The Rolling Stones. I tried starting one that Engelbert Humperdink might show, but that never floated. Show time was nearing and the beer was working. Things were awesome. Just awesome.

My friend talked up a girl who informed him that she knew. She knew the secret band. When I heard that, I froze. 'My God, she will confirm that Oasis is here in this club of 500 people. I love her.' As it turned out, it was not Oasis, but someone else. A Canadian band. 'My God, it's not Oasis - and they're from Canada. This sucks. I'm drinking'.

The band was Thornley, she said. Former front-man from Big Wreck, working with his new outfit. I didn't mind Big Wreck, they were ok, some pretty memorable tunes, and the new Thornley song has dangerous levels of rock to it. I was sad, though. The stars alligned to disappoint, I felt. I drank my free beers with a diffirent energy; a sad, grumpy one.

I still held out hope that the mean girl was wrong. She wasn't, and Thornley opened up and ripped it up. Very good show. Good, solid rock and roll. Not Oasis, but good. I enjoyed my free beers and rock and roll alot.

I also learned something else. Expectations can sometimes ruin things. Thornley as Thornley is awesome, too. The way to be disappointed is to expect something to be diffirent from what it actually is. Even Thornley took a crack at himself for not being Oasis. But he shouldn't have - they were great. Life can give you so much, but always leave you wanting more. Take you so tantalizingly close to your goal, and leave you a yard short, laughing at you with your free beers and sad face. Life can be a letdown sometimes, but there is nothing else I'd rather do, and the lesson today is every Thornley has a rose.


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