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Friday, July 01, 2005


I'm feeling a little less pissy today. I tend to get intelectual when I am in a really confusing place, as if the pursuit and actualization of deep thought will help me to break from the mundane and foggy area I am in at that moment. Think it might work, actually. Today is a better day, although I would struggle to say why.

It's Canada Day today, which is a big deal if you believe in those sorts of things. No cake, though, so it's not a birthday as best as I can tell. Canada turns 16 today, and I am proud if it. I can hear it's voice changing and it mentioned something to me about hair in new places. It's slightly embarassed about it, but I re-assured it that it's ok and normal. You should have seen the look of shock on Bulgaria's face when it's balls dropped - it thought it had cancer.

I have a show of the stand-up comedy nature on tomorrow. Yes, I said it that way. I make up the English 'round these parts. It should be fun. I finally found a 7 minute set that rips it each time, and, of course, I am now painfully bored with it. I have never dug predictability, and the fact these jokes work is getting dull. But, they're funny, and I'm still an unknown, so I must build. Building is boring. Destruction is great fun.

I'm thinking of moving out of my house. Nothing is really wrong with it, I just feel a change is needed. It's now month 7 there, which is about as long as I can take in one place. 6 months is my staple. I'm not sure what it is in me, but it gets wormy after too long of anything. I think I'm gone from this city for a bit come the fall anyways. Part of the greatness of this life is the ability to go anywhere. Yes, I've learned that this is my home now, but I need a little break. Brett is getting antsy again.


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