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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Clocks and Other Antiquated Notions

I feel evolved, man. Not sure how or why. I seem to have little evidence to offer that I am any diffirent than I ever have been, but things change - I've changed, and I feel saucy.

I'm working to stop relying on anything that humans have invented. I don't believe in human beings - we are far too stupid. In being given the gift of existence, we senselessly found ways to apply our own rules of limited power and strength to the world we live in. We never needed to. The earth don't need us and it certainly doesn't need our ideas to help it spin. Fuck us. We are primitive and lucky - nothing more.

Let me begin. The clock. This is a pointless invetion intended solely to give humans a false sensation of control over the actions of this planet. We attempted to name and label it's actions with numbers and names. Pointless. 4:00 does not exist. The Earths' location in relation to the sun, however, does. The time is an illusion of the mind. We are all set to our own timing device made from something larger than us, and we cannot help but follow it. Don't follow the clock - I promise you all you will ALWAYS be on time.

Religion. No longer necessary. Some of the simpler beings may require it to help them build a loose, ignorant structure of the way things appear, but we need not have it. Religion is old-school politics, a game played to control the populace and keep them in line. What better tactic than saying that if you disrespect THIS rule we have set before you, not only will we punish you, you will burn at God's hand. Sorry - nope. Not right. Fear is the not the best hand to use in advancement and order of beings. Peace is. Maybe a higher theological idea that offers the concept that we all exist together might help to eliminate the strife that these god-loving books often tend to create.

Money. If everything was free, we'd never have the need for money. Oil would be equal to sand, which is ironic, because it is. Money could no longer be a motivator for living - living would. With no money, perhaps one would taste their meal for what it is, rather than for how much it is. A value system would be built on the legs of quality and nothing more. Perception would be erased in the face of truth, and all would be free. In many ways.

I understand there would be fall-out, but I love chaos, because as I have learned, after chaos is peace, and as a species, we are far from it, and maybe a little change might stop the clocks and make us look at things for what they actually are and always have been.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you not believe that some of the so called "RULES" of religion are a great way to lead a healthy & "peaceful" life?(no bible thumping intended) Get back to me on that one.
We can't change everyone..too many selfish people out there. But maybe you really have a point(s).
Keep working on that, maybe there will be books about you in later years?!? Just an idea.


4:36 PM


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