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Sunday, July 10, 2005

String Stand-Up and Learning About Insurance

My weekend is done, although since it's 4:42am and I am still awake, perhaps not. I finshed my shows in Kitchener with a boom - last show cancelled. Not enough people to go. 8 seemed good enough to me, though.

The shows were all very good this weekend. I usally try to downgrade my efforst but this was good. I was in a place where I had no care about any thoughts but those of mine, and I was loud. The manager kept turning the mic down - dick - so I kept getting louder. I had it cupped and was yelling into it until I threw it down and started yelling. Good shows.

The diffirence now is I don't care. I don't really have anything left to lose. I bolted from a house and live in a city I am at best cold with. The shows are the release of it all, the frustration, the desire, the drive. I didn't do stand-up to become popular. Fuck popular. I just say what I need to say and don't say much else until I have to say it again. If I could only be the kind of communicator that could express just how complex that simple statement is.

In other news, get Insurance when you rent a car. I got rear-ended while trying to find the Indy-Car race track in town. Ironic-ish. The man was very angry until I stepped out of the car. Sometimes I forget I'm 6'3. He asked me if I was Portugese, which isn't the case. I wondered why he asked me that. Are Portugese more prone to report fender benders the insurance people? As it stands now, I have a sore neck, a dull headache and long explanation at the rental place when I return the PT Cruiser (if anybody here works for PT Cruiser corp. I'll take a cheque for the plug). Luckily, I took the insurance, which I was hedging on because I quite like to gamble. So, the lesson there is that insurance IS good but it makes you a bit of a pussy.

Other than that, all is well. My body has not rejected the new house, nor has it, I. I look forward to what will be a very fatigued Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you break it as good as I break my cars? This could be your lawsuit you've been waiting for....

7:23 AM

Blogger Marcus C. Beaubier said...

insurance pussy!!!

3:45 AM


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