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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lucky 51

Holy fuck, it's hot. Nice way to start things. It was 31 when I went to bed at 4:00am last night. That's what I'm dealing with here. Heat, heat and more heat. I always find that when weather is the first thing brought up that usually there is not too much to follow it with. Perhaps that is not the case today.

The NHL lockout is over today. Great relief to me as a hockey fan. I highly anticipate that the Calgary Flames will finish what they started last year with a Stanley Cup victory. I will see you all at the parade.

Me? Not too much. I am going to Ajax this weekend for a trio of shows. Might record it for my much-hyped-yet-not-recorded CD. I'm feeling pretty funny, but not in a chatty way. More in a material way, and I don't mean stuff. Sometimes the funny flows from a diffirent place and you must run with it. Now, I'm just getting the sensation of humor from my already made jokes. Good time to record. I usually am not one who enjoys going - or for that matter can - from the script, so now may be the time to seize this moment.

I have a show tonight at Spirits. It's a local legend on the comedy scene here. I usually end up getting drunk there, and knowing that old habits die hard, my guess is that I, tonight, do not have the strength of will to change my ways. Not that that is in any way a problem as I see it tonight.

I'm settling in quite nicely in the household. I like my new roomates and my old roomate is as I recall. All is well. I need dearly a fan, but in time. One must pay penance for their actions, and karmatically I figure I am still a week or two from a nice breeze in my room.

So, in a nutshell, I am staying the course and seeing that, as always, it was the right idea. Only 20 years away from owning a hockey team.


Blogger denise said...

Gosh golly Brett Martin, I'm a fan. Have fun this weekend.


5:20 AM


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