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Monday, July 11, 2005


I saw my first house fire today followed by my first small business fire. Quite the day for the dalmation part of me.

I was walking home from the car rental place when I saw a smoke billowing from what I thought was a large building. Canadian terrorism, I never thought. Something primal in me made forced me to make a pilgrimage to the smoke. As I neared, large chunks of ash were raining from the sky. Signifignat in size, some the size of shoes, came raining from the sky. I don't know how or why, but it all felt like foreshadowing. Strange feeling. Sorta freaked me out. As I neared, it was not a builing, but a resedential neighbourhood and it was all blocked of by cops because of the stupid people like me who were trying to offer the house fire gods a sacrafice. Me? I would have offered my bills.

Later in the day, while standing on my roof - I told you my new house was great - I saw another large plume of smoke on the near horizon. Off we ran to the scene, not 10 minutes from the house, to the site of a small warehouse explosion. Rumor ran that people died, but it was untrue. Just somebodies dream coming true. "No, jim, now work today, it blew up. Probably take the week".

So, fire and destruction everywhere, and me walking right to it for fun.


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