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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Fix Is In

Even trickier than I thought.

First, they reverse their strategy and decide to televise the Draft Lottey. Sly. I thought I was wrong. Nope. The Lottery was held in 'private', behind 'locked-doors', supervised by 'accountants' from 'respectable' law firms. Makes me sick. I trust that combonation of words less than a drunk man claiming he can drive. I've seen it before, I tell you....

So, Calgary picks 26th. Fraud. If I was a mathman, I'd prove it through complex theory how they should have drew pick number 1. I have no such skills. If I was an investigative newsreporter (that wasn't being placed in jail) I'd expose then fraud. I'm not that, either.

Just a guy who is pleased to have a hobby return and enjoying the mindless fun that is being a profesisonal sports fan. Happy to see it back.

And as for the pick, what's the saying - 'Better to be smart than be lucky'.

Sports is all allegories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm. what sport are you referring to?
Under a rock

6:18 AM


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