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Monday, August 08, 2005

In Lieu of Interesting

I crashed a wedding last night, somewhat. My friend called me and asked to meet up with him at a wedding which he, too, was not technically an invited guest at. I thought it rude to turn down the offer. Life imitates fiction, I suppose.

It was a nice reception held in a country club. I felt a little akward strolling in, but got used to it as I made my rpunds. My attire of blue jeans and ripped shoes with a wrinkled shirt felt to me to be perfect. The unkempt revolution continues!

To make things funnier, I ran into a friends step-sister and we had a laugh at my uninvited presence. It reminded me to call her brother and ask how he was doing. All in all, the bride was beautiful, I never ended up identifying the groom, the beers were tatsy and I really regret that I didn't sign the guest book.

I'm going to the Foo Fighters tonight. I am very, very excited for it. I have been reading reviews of them in the paper, and all reports seem to indicate that the concerts are %100 rock and roll all the way through. ROCK ENERGY FUEL ME!

And all else remains fine. I can feel that much is happening now and I find myself oddly calm in the eye of it. I'm enjoying my time again.


Blogger Daryl Makk said...

Imitating "the wedding crashers"!! Well done. Fucking hilarious man!!

Say, I know this vault at a casino. If you and me can get , oh say...9 more guys....I have a plan!!

12:29 PM

Blogger Marcus C. Beaubier said...

I'm in...

1:02 PM


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