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Sunday, July 31, 2005

It Doesn't Make Any Cents

Life is weird. The show last night (it's 3:42 Sunday morning) was excellent. Felt fantastic up there. Being an MC opens up so many avenues for ideas, let alone jokes. I felt closer to my stride than I have in some time. It was a great show, a great weekend.

I worked with two people whom I genuinely liked, as well. Usually that tends not to be the case, which speaks more of my cynicism than the short-comings of my co-workers, although I could hold up some of their flaws in a court of law. This week was not the case. I worked with a very funny, very insightful comic with whom I hit it off wonderfully. Great conversation and good company, she was what the doctor had ordered for me. As I was dropped off at home, which is rarely done, she declined my offer of gas money, which capped off a great week. I strode happily to my home, excited about what was next.

What was next was me realizing I lost my pay for the week. Gone. Not in pockets. Not in bags. Not in socks nor in couch-cushions, not floors nor the street. Her car was absent of my loot. Gone, into the great void of existence where sits many drivers licences and other ID pieces of mine, CD's, books and people whom I have lost along the way.

Combined with my losing Fionn MacCools and having a show cancelled this week due to the long weeked, I somehow ended up losing $400. How, in a week where, in an even more peculiar way, I feel to have defiend myself, I end up in the hole is a mystery of life I cannot solve. My thoughts, my insight, my humor and my confidence have all reached such a level of strength and clarity over the past week that to compare it to my financial ruin is shocking. I am at a loss of, well, money, and not much else.

I take this as a sign. Too weird of a week to brush under the rug. It is with a clear and sober mind I see that things are happening now and my number is being called into action. It moves-up my Calgary sabbatical scheduled for later in the week to a few hours from now. Why hesitate when you know what you are to do?

Yes - why hesitate when you know what you are to do.


Blogger Daryl Makk said...

sorry to hear of the missing stash. If it helps I have a steak with your name on it when you get to cowtown but you have to wake up before 5pm to get it.

11:51 AM


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