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Thursday, August 11, 2005


So I'm back in Toronto and have become a bit of a morning person. I have been up since 8:30 and, despite a yearning for a nap, will stay up until my 'thang' is done. I'm learning that it's ALOT more relaxing to wake up early and quietly and peacufully go about my day than is to sleep-in and rush through it. Who would have thought a cure for the apparant lazy act of sleeping in is something that makes you that much more sedate?

I see the gound-work that I've been doing is starting to yeild some results, but my enthusiasm is tempered with the knowledge that if everything were to stop now, my crop would be a bust. That said, I can see the change, and it's nice.

One of the changes in my life has been my, er, looks. You're not supposed to notice things like this, but my improved appearance has been resulting in some unseen-to-this-point behaviour. I was buying corn the other day, and the corn-lady gave me two free cobs and a bonus smile. The gift of corn was not an isolated incident. Gotta stop saying corn. My presence is now a blip on several radars and, as entertaining a change as it is, the part of me that will always be me is watching it with detatched amusement. Funny - still feel like me.

You're also not supposed to say things like this, but I'm going to. I was coming home on the Subway yesterday from the airport when an individual selected to sit beside me. She was in her late forties, and may of had a mild retardation. After a few stops, she proceeded to read a pamphlet which caused her left elbow to dig into my right stomach area. Not painful, but as annoying a senstaion as I have felt. For several stops, frustration and rage mounted within. It was a serious breach of public transit etiquette. You don't touch anybody. But, she was kinda retarded, so what could I do? I sat and stewed. Felt like a catch-22. If I say something like "Get your goddamn elbow off me, I fucking hate it", I'm the rude guy who yells at mentally handicapped people in public. If I let it slide, I'm the waif that allows life to trample on my liberty. Areas of grey are for pussies. I couldn't win.

In the end, even being bothered by it is not something I'm supposed to say, but I'm going to and already have. My indignation is at the barbarity of the situation in which I was placed, leaving me with no recourse but to stand-up and walk away, because what heartless beast of an individual can look at a supposedly inferior being and ask it to stop doing what it's doing? But who am I to complain? Elbow in the midsection? That's the biggest sign. She wanted me and I'm damn honored.

Actually having some fun again.....


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