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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

As Close To Nirvana As I've Been

Wow. The Foo Fighters concert was something else. It transcended simply being a concert into whole diffirent realm. Without a doubt, the best display of rock and roll I have ever seen. I am really happy and privilaged to have seen it.

For those of you who don't know, the Foo Fighters are a rock band fronted by Dave Grohl, the former drummer of Nirvana, whom are easily regraded as the most important rock band in a decade. After the suicide of singer/songwriter Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl didn't stop. Just a little over a year later, he released his first album with his new band, and with it, continued what is one of the best stories anywhere, let alone rock.

Grohl sat back as Cobain spilled every ounce of what he was into his music, and what Cobain was, was pure fury. Nirvana was less of a band that they were an emotion, an attitude that destroyed everything that was near it, and sadly, Cobain was the final victim. It would have been so simple to walk away after witnessing all of that. To forget it all, to find a new way, whatever way it is that leads you away from that sort of result. Grohl never did. He not only re-built, he not only survived, he has thrived and found something far beyond nirvana, and on Monday, he shared with 15,000 people. I was honored to be one.

The concert was, from the first note, an exercise in energy. He made rock fun. Rock can - and often times should - be dark. But not for the Foo's. It's non-stop, head shaking FUN rock and roll. I sat there and was brought to life by the music.

What impressed me the most was to see Grohl. I had followed Nirvana very closely and always imagined how difficult and intense it all must have been. And then, to see one of the members not only rise from the ashes, but surpass what has been done, is a story in achievement that has not been told enough. Dave Grohl went to the edge, saw it and came back to make the most positive rock I can imagine.

Life goes on, and if we're lucky enough, we can go along with it. Seeing expamples like him make me even more compelled to see what lays ahead - and to make the changes to get there.


Blogger Marcus C. Beaubier said...

I got a schwack of voice mail from a person of your former aquaintece... and I was wondering if you managed to get the closure that you were looking for?

1:04 PM


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