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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Diffirence Between Real and Inconsequential

Pretty funny day, today. I may have ended up getting a credit card, which to me is good news. It's not the VISA I'd prefer to have, but it's the one I'll take - as will many corner beer stores. Heh heh. And record stores. Heh heh. Truthfully, it'll be nice to have a financial parachute that I can pull for myself. It's like a money life-jacket, and the kind of people at my financial institute have made fans of me - until the first day to pay, that is.

Had a fun show at the local YUK YUKS tonight. Just felt like hacking out there. Fuck you. Anyways, it was neat-o. I had no desire to 'give it' so as soon as I walked up, I made light of a girl in the front row who was unhappy. She just was so frowny. So, I asked her the basic why and how, then I gave her some flowers from another girl at another table. Then I rambled on about my potential credit card and made fun of religion. Good times. I ended up going long, as the manager told me not long after I walked off. I said I was sorry. He said, 'No you're not', smiled and walked away. I was laughing. Not only was he right, he was cool as hell about it. Good people, some of these people.

On the way to the club, my friends (yup - two of them) and I seperated at the Subway and raced to the next show on diffirent subway paths. I won the race. Felt good to compete, although I have to admit I have little control over the speed of trains I'm not driving. It showed to me that I am the master navigator (yes, naviagtor) and enjoyed my cheap sensation of victory. Although I got THERE quicker, I got to where I was going on time.

Then a cap off at a bar, which is becoming oh, so tedious. I can be in a full bar and still see wall-to-wall. That's a transparant joke if you didn't catch it. Must I explain everything? I have never noticed how many people name-drop in the course of conversation. It's some cheap plea for acceptance and pathetic attempt to gather some sense of self-worth that is derived from nothing more than a name recognition. As if I would care who you know - unless it's Jarome Iginla, in which case that's SO FUKCING AWESOME! Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger. Do you love me now?

And now I stay awake because things are good now. That's another reason for my insomnia. Sometimes is caffeine and gut-wrenching angst that keep me up, but other times it's nothing more than enjoying the after-glow of achievement and sitting back and thinking that, yeah, maybe all the steps were the right ones and why, oh why, would you ever want to sleep when you can feel like that instead?


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