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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Out Of Body Experience & Other Things Deemed To Be Bullshit

I had an out-of-body experience the other day. I was sitting on my couch, taking in an intense spiritual conversation with my friend when it happened. I just sorta rose from within. It was like I stood, but my physical stayed seated. I never believed in that before that point, despite hearing on several accounts from many people that it happens. I thought it to be bullshit, but it's not. It's actually quite nice, and I intend on doing it again.


Proximity is the trait I find most attractive in women. I think that is everybody's dearest trait in a potential mate. Can't dig something you've never seen or are not around. Whether proximity is at the bi-product of a random universe or supplied through divine Providence is up to you, beloved reader, to determine. Just think the next time you find yourself fancying a potential partner, which factor is of higher importance in your desire than proximity?


I like walking in this city, but it's got no soul. Everybody is in an enormous rush to get somewhere, anywhere. I have made less eye contact in Toronto than anywhere I can recall, and I've been to Moose Jaw. The people of Toronto are all business oriented. Living seems to have fallen to the wayside on the list of importance, somewhere behind sneering and handing out business cards. For the record, I have always sneered myself and find trace levels of comfort in it.


Flames are gonna win the Cup this year. My connection and bond with this hockey team is bordering on strange.


I'd love to make a 'To-not-do list'. Everyday I'd get the sensation of accomplishment as I'd stare at the endless list of everything I vowed not to not undertake. What better feeling than knowing it's Tuesday and I already didn't mow the lawn this week.


My mind gets all thinky when I'm up all day......


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Unless of course you grew up in a small town where the majority of the people call you cousin.
...slim pickins...slim pickins.


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