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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Maybe Everything Happens

My friend Dan from the United States of America is here and things are fun. It's a visit that essentially started today as we walked kilometer after kilometer taking in the city in which I apparantly live.

It started at the Hockey Hall of Fame. It's the one temple in which worship is not anything of a problem. I believe in all I see and bow down to the power of those that are enshrined. I saw, and showed, all possible pieces of memorabilia that had soemthing to do with the Winnipeg Jets or the Calgary Flames. The Jets, for the hockey-impaired, were my home town team and my first love. We touched the Stanley cup, breaking a vow I had promised myself. I didn't want to touch it until I earned it. In an odd way, I feel as I have. We did some play-by-play, fulfilling another dream of mine, and engaged in a friendly competition that my ultra-competetive nature would not let me lose nor celebrate quietly. It was followed by visiting the Canadian Walk of Fame and talking abstract hypothetical with a hooker. An inspirational, enjoyable day.

It's nice to have a friend who challeneges you to be something better than you are. Some people recieve that trait poorly; I know first hand, there is much similar in me and my American visitor. I'm really enjoying the visit. It lasts another day and I wonder what trouble we can create for ourselves in a city like this.

Then there was America itself. It was great. It opened up, in my mind, the realization that something very big is that close to me in more than just a geographical way. There is, in reality, no line between Canada and America, as there is also no line anywhere else. Lines, metaphorical fences and obstacles are all creations of the mind. The only barrier is will. Cross that 'line' and find that is was all there the whole time.

All in all, the change that I was seeking from the heavens above seemed to be in my hands the whole time. The work will be real. It will be hard, but in every way worth it. This struggle ends but the real difficult work begins. Who am I to complain, though? As two shrines of greatness and a prostitute showed me today, some heart and alot of effort will get you to where you need and wish to be.


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