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Friday, August 26, 2005

Pimping Brett Martin

I might be in your city soon making fun of things. Here's where and when. All are at your local Yuk Yuks unless otherwise noted.

September 7-10: Montreal - The Comedy Nest (Maybe Karla Homoloka will show up)
September 15-17: Edmonton (Too far from mall to max credit card)
September 23: Saskatoon (Dreams do come true)
September 24: Regina (Saskatchewan's New York)
September 30-Oct 1: Cranbrook (On the bright side it's a short drive)
October 4-8: Calgary (Return home....again)
October 11: Lethbridge (Sometimes it's for the money)
October 13: Fairview (Nine hours of driving for audience of Harley Mechanics)
October 14-15: Grande Prairie (Who would live there?)
October 20-22: Vancouver (Gonna pee in the ocean and an elevator)

Jokes aside I'm excited to be at all of the above. Look for me at the Saddledome and dozens of gas stations throughout.

I'll post more dates and location should they come.


Blogger Daryl Makk said...

Just make sure to give me a call when you hit cowtown bud

7:59 PM


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