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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Out West For The Harvest

Back to the place I'm at my happiest - on the go. Looking forward to this one. It's a tad strange to be leaving this place, though. This house has been my favorite one yet and leaving is a little disappointing. Packing up my stiff didn't have the thrill that it usually does. But, I knew moving in here that it was only until September, and my stand-up work was right there to pick me up where this house dropped me off.

I'm leaving with a good perspective. Ran into my England friends, whom last I'd seen the night before I left London. Funny how life works sometimes. It reminded me of the one thing I had forgotten - the reason I came here. To get back to England. Seeing that made this leg of my Toronto days a complete succes. I am stronger, better, leaner and meaner than when I arrived here, and all this is beniffiting (fuck spell check, that's how I spell it) my cause. Much work to do and another Toronto leg is required, but the mind remembers the goal. And then, after England.....

Still, leaving here is, for the first time, not awesome. My departures are often sprints away from a mess I care not to tend to. This is not the case this time. All is well and on the way to being even better, and getting to the West - for work, nontheless - is hardly a step in the wrong direction. Unless it is, in which case I'm fucked.

So, see stay tall, CN Tower, you asshole. Check you soon Queen street, you dirty bastard, you. And stay cool, Subway gates that I often sneak past. I'll see you in a bit, and it's up to me the capacity in which that occurs.


Blogger Peter Anthony (Reid) said...

your relationship with toronto is like eating a bowl of soup with a dirty sock in it. you know you shouldn't be eating it, but the soup still tastes pretty good and is providing you with the nourishment you need.
my only advice is, when you get back... use a bigger spoon.

4:50 PM

Blogger KennethReid said...


3:11 PM

Blogger Daryl Makk said...

Welcome back to the world of clean air.
I'll make some soup with some socks in it if you get homesick for T.O.

1:30 PM


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