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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Scenery is Changing

If I were to tell you that as I write this sentence that I have any clue what the next one would be, I would be lying. I have no clue what to write, which is peculiar, becuase I am feeling so much. It's finding that line of what is apporopriate to share and what is approporiate to keep, and the gap betwen is what I should say, what I should write and what I should yell to the hills, yell so loud and clear that there can be no doubt of it's emotional authenticity. Or, I can ramble on about not much at all. Not much at all....

There's a meeting today with all the comics and the owner/founder of the company for whom we work with. Should be fun. Meetings of the minds are always good things so long as people remember to bring their minds.

Did a show last night. Was fun. Samll bar. Got to the point of total isolation with people in the audience. Felt nice. Made sure to tell the comics at that point that that was comedic Nirvana. Welcome and play if you may. When all else is lost you might find that all is finally found.

My Dad think the Flames might not repeat this year. It put some fear in me. No, can't think that way. I think he's right. They will not repeat. They will win this time.

My cat is still here. I'm going to miss her. I know she's ready to go at any point, but she still likes to wake up and poke around. That I can see. That I can feel. I know she feels less than great, but still wnats to live, wants to feel love. Funny I can feel these things. I am becoming quite intuitive.

All this I'm writing seems trite and trivial compared to that which I can write. That which I can say and should. And will. I feel like a man now and this here has been the prattle of a boy. No more. Everybody - it's time to stand up and take account for (y)ourselves. The fog of ignornace has cleared and has left a landscape of things that are galring, a land of sore thumbs and nobody is pointing them out. My eyes are adjusting now. Soon, they will be clear and everything will be as it is soon going to be.

ha ha ha ha........


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