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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hey - That's Mine!

I remember when I was in England I went to this burger shack near Victoria Station in the wee hours of the morning for some late night grub. As I was waiting for my feast to be cooked, and older british man began to berate the burger chef for being Scotish. This was apparantly too much for the old English fellow to handle so he let be known that Scots are the evilest, vilest creatures on earth. My main problem was the burger was not too good.

This is indicative of a much bigger problem. People. Everybody hates everybody. Every localized tension is just a manifestation of the same beahviour that happens everywhere. Conservatives hate Liberals. Arabs hate Jews. Albertans hate everybody while I loathe bad burgers. Humans being animals.

Much of it is territory. What you may percieve to be a political slight is nothing more than a possesion battle. Whereas animals will urinate on posts to mark their territory, humans send their concept of God to regions to mark it as theirs. Yes, Religion has as powerful a stench as cat piss and has killed far more people. When bloated white people see black people as dangerous, they are really just defending the territory that is in reality nobody's to defend, because it is, in all reality, everybodies.

One day something very big, bad and funny will happen and those who survive it will have to look defeatedly into one anothers' eyes and realize it was all a mistake - there was no line - we shared it all the whole time. Mine, yours and theirs was always ours. At that moment, a cat will come and piss on our newfound collectiveness and it will be killed, beheaded and put on display as a warning to all the other cats not to touch what is ours.

ha ha ha ha.......


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