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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"You're a Well Read Vagabond"

"Pleased to meet you take my hand,
There is no way back from here,
Pleased to meet you say your prayers,
There is no way back from here,
But I don't care,
No way back from here"

Foo Fighters - No Way Back


Waves of good energy flowing in. Becoming positive rage. Much is good as things wind down on the West side.

I'm now around day 50 of vagabonding. Shows no sign of ending. I'm getting cool with it. It takes awhile to get used to but now I don't foresee it ending anytime soon. Wherever the wond blows, I was told, is where I will end up, and that - that is just fine with me.

After weeks and weeks of work out here, it seems to me that I have grown quite a bit as a comic; moreso as a man. My armor is ready for the inevtiable attacks that the world will throw my way, my psyche tougher than it's ever been and my heart fearless. If I can be modest, honest....I'm liking the man I am becoming. I have many roads to travel, all of which will be full of twists and turns and a rut or two along the way, but with absence of fear I shall navigate them, full of the knowledge that that which does not stop me will make me even more powerful. Without calling on the spirits to throw me more of the roadblocks they have been so effective in presenting, I feel that although nothing is easy, nothing is outside the realms of my ability.

My insatiable desire for victory is becoming a driving force that I cannot soothe with anything but triumph. My gears are set for over-drive, idling until the situation deems it necessary. In this meantime, like a shark, I cruise in low gear, looking, listening, taking in all that I need to see, so when the moment arises, my preparation is at it's fullest and my attack most fierce. "Until The Victory Always"

My vagabonding days consist of reading and listening. Watching and being. Sleeping, talking, taking in. I recomend this to anybody. The key, it seems as I see it now, is to let go of everything and pick and choose that which comes to you. It will come. Realize the whole world is your home. That is the key - it seems now. More vagabonding will teach me even more and offer me the opportunity to share it, too.

I have been blessed to meet several people who have contributed to my collection of understandings. If I had never taken this leap, I never would have. Yes - there is no way back from here, which is wonderful....I didn't leave because I wanted to return.

You will hear more from me. In fact, I have hardly begun.


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